New SBCo.™ Booty Smoothing Treatment

booty pic.jpg

If your booty is bangin' in yoga pants, but bumpy in a bikini, you need our new pro peel treatment!


This is a professional treatment that will reduce breakouts, lighten hyperpigmentation, smooth skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the booty and upper thighs. We use Mandelic acid to conquer those obnoxious bumps. Mandelic is an aromatic alpha hydroxy acid that is derived from almonds and is best known for its exfoliation properties as well as its ability to penetrate deep within the pores. Mandelic acid accelerates cell turnover, treats bacteria and breakouts and decreases signs of hyperpigmentation and discoloration, making it the perfect choice for treating your backside.

Please note: clients must prepare their skin for this professional treatment by using Vivant Mandelic Cleanser $48 and Clear Body Therapy $72 for at least 2 weeks prior to receiving a Booty Peel. Products are available for purchase at SBCo.™