Be Free To Be You





The Social Beauty Company was designed as a salon collective where we leverage our passion and skills within the beauty industry to ignite and inspire connections among some of the most incredible people we have ever met.




Here, you are encouraged to feel that our space is your space and that the people we have chosen to surround you with are here to support you, to listen, to laugh and to sometimes even cry with you. When you walk through our doors you know you're in a space that allows you the freedom to just be you.


Visit us for your beauty services or stop in for a glass of wine and a good laugh. We’re always glad you came!


meet the founders
  Founders    Julia Solorzano (L) and Nicole Tott-Berger (R)   


Julia Solorzano (L) and Nicole Tott-Berger (R)


We're Nicole and Julia, owners of San Francisco's The Social Beauty Company. Our sassy spot was just named Best Salon in SF by Allure Magazine. 

Together we bring years of top-notch experience in the beauty field. We have spent the later half of our lives specializing and curating different service techniques, researching thousands of products and ingredients and have been working hard to innovate the beauty industry to ensure that our customers are getting nothing but the best. 

Here's a little info about our shop:

The Social Beauty Co. was created by Nicole Tott-Berger and Julia Solorzano in 2012. With over 14 years in the beauty industry, Nicole and Julia wanted to create a space where clients could feel as if the salon was their home away from home.

Considered the "Cheers" of beauty salons, The Social Beauty Co. is a new take on the traditional salon model. It is a place to connect and be connected while maintaining, revamping or jump starting your beauty regimen.

"At The Social Beauty Co. we will not only get you ready for the day, we'll get you ready for life!"



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